We are a complete solution for all your Performance Management needs. Analyse employee potential and performance to empower the teams and succeed.

Enabling employees for success

Key employee performance drivers are:

  • Active engagement
  • Enhancing skills and capability
  • Empowering them to take ownership and accountability

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." -Pele

When we talk about business, we often look up to the CEO but forget to acknowledge the force behind making this success a reality – The Employees.

The journey to success becomes difficult without the contribution of employees, so it is important to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about their work. An employee performance management system does just that for you.

Winzard –The Performance Management system you need

Winzard.io is a cloud-based easy-to-use SaaS Performance Management System.

The advanced HR strategy coupled with latest technology and cloud architecture empowers leaders, teams and individuals with interactive modules and powerful analytics. Well structured Performance Management processes with ample customisation are designed specially to set objectives, plan work, get guidance and evaluate progress at all levels of the organisation.

Goal Achiever( Goal Setting + Work Planning + Timely insights + Regular Check Ins)

The Goal Achiever is one of the powerful modules of Winzard Performance Management System that helps employees achieve goals set by self, manager and the organisation. The organisation will be equipped to effectively manage and achieve alignment of individual and organisational goals for collective success. It facilitates quick progress and risk tracking so that timely insights are gathered and interventions can be made.

The following can be done with Winzard Empower (Performance Management System):

  • Planning and setting KPAs/ KRAs and with customised subgoals
  • Work planning by breaking goals into actionable methods and tasks
  • Regular check-ins for guidance, managing challenges and track progress
  • Weekly/ monthly subgoal reviews
  • Great real time insights to individual, manager and admin for an informed appraisal
  • People Assessment: Quick, Comprehensive, Intuitive and Informed process

Winzard understands that appraisal cycles can be time consuming and stressful leading to many man days lost in the performance evaluation and feedback process. Winzard Empower (Performance Management system) reduces the appraisal time significantly and also eliminates the recency effect while managers evaluate their teams.

Winzard People Assessment another module of our Performance Management System is automated and so very impactful - it automatically picks information from Goal achiever module and regular sub goal reviews and fills the appraisal sheet. Since the appraisal sheet is automated, the individual and supervisor saves time in filling the long goal sheets. They also get Winzard recommended ratings against each goal that reduces influence of recent events/performance.

There’s more! Customised flow of appraisal form makes appraisal process seamless and satisfies every type of HR assessment process. The system gives a choice for the appraisal form flow through the management hierarchy.

The organisation also has an option to assess competencies in addition to performance. The system also facilitates recommendations of promotions, salary corrections etc from the managers during the people assessment process itself.

What makes the Winzard People Assessment module unmatchable:

  • Auto showcasing goals, achievements and product ratings from the Goal Management Solution
  • Showcases Winzard recommended ratings
  • Feedback can be recorded through the system from supervisor, alternate managers and peers
  • Informed review and approval process due to invaluable insights
  • Bulk approval process option rating distribution graphs

Talent Review: Facilitating the right people decisions

Understanding employee potential in addition to performance, probability and impact of attrition, Job changes, development needs, strengths is facilitated through the Winzard Talent Review Module. With this module in Winzard Performance Management System, both L&D and HR get great insights. The L & D team gets information on individual development needs and accordingly plans potential enhancement and training that suit specific individuals. HR can implement retention plans, succession, job changes, recognition etc with the help of Winzard Recommendations dashboard.

Winzard’s Performance Management system provides a holistic set of modules that enable expectation setting well, talent development, active engagement, and merit based assessment with invaluable insights and highly intuitive/ customised process.

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