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Set, align, track and achieve goals with OKR Software

In this competitive performance environment, where organizations have real urgency to execute their strategies, the objectives being delivered through processes need alignment, accountability, and focus at various quarters across the organization.

Winzard’s OKR management tools help businesses tackle these challenges. Our OKR Software allows the company’s workforce to focus on achieving results, plan work at individual level and track progress to achieve the strategy.

From tasks to monthly strategies, OKRs help teams clearly understand how aligned they are. Grow faster with a simple-to-use OKR software.

What is OKR?

OKR is a powerful and collaborative goal management methodology that stands for “Objectives and Key Results.” OKR is used by teams and individuals to set goals and drive measurable results. Objectives and Key Results framework includes how one tracks progress, creates alignment and encourages engagement around measurable goals.OKR Software helps teams and individuals to set goals and track the results easily.


I will [objective] as measured by [key result].

The Objective in OKR is the goal which the team or individual wants to achieve. It may be increasing brand awareness, converting leads in a given timeline or more. The Key Result component in OKR helps measure the progress toward the set objectives.


Clarity on goal and direction

  • Communicate what needs to be accomplished
  • Why it is important
  • Inspire people with a sense of purpose

Key Results How success is measured

  • There should be 4-6 specific, measurable outcomes for each objective
  • Ideally numerals quantify an outcome, not action items or opinions

WHY OKRs? FOCUS is why companies rely on OKRs and more importantly on OKR software. Here is a detailed understanding of the role of FOCUS in Objective Key Results (OKR)


A focused approach is the primary benefit of OKRs. All of the objectives need to be well defined and should fit on one line. An OKR cycle should have a timeline of maybe one month, few months or more. By standing firmly with specific OKRs, leaders give their teams a direction and a baseline for assessment.


When the objectives are set, the alignment of the tasks begins. Alignment is the linkage between planning and managing OKRs to the organization’s company-wide vision. It should be noted that companies with highly-aligned employees have more high performers.


Commitment comes after focus and alignment. It is necessary that all agree with the OKRs to ensure delivery. Tracking these commitments is done transparently. Each team member must be clear with their OKRs and should showcase that they are committed to working towards achieving them.


Tracking is another important factor in OKR. The output or outcome is why the framework of Objectives and Key Results is so popular with companies. Every OKR should be able to be tracked through established metrics. Each objective should have a set frequency of interim review to enable tracking. This way one could analyze the progress if the set objective will be met or not.


Stretching is last in the hierarchy but not the least. OKRs intrinsically compels organizations to aim further. Employees start to work towards a little more than what they thought was possible.

What makes a good OKR?

Let’s now understand how to make a good OKR framework that improves the probability of achieving the desired outcomes. Later, we will understand why OKR Software is important to manage OKR.

Here are a few key attributes on which good OKRs depend:


The core of a good OKR is that it is measurable. If your OKRs aren’t measurable, it’s going to be difficult to know if you’ve been successful. Only if your OKR setting were effective, you’ll be able to know whether you’ve been progressing or not.


Your OKRs influence your effort and capacity. OKRs should not be the place for lowered expectations, rather they must be a challenge. For some companies, writing OKRs that work involves stretching of the goals. These goals are many a time perceived initially by individuals and teams as challenging and beyond their reach. But these high benchmarks make the journey interesting and employees surprise themselves and come up with innovative ways to achieve their goals setting new benchmarks.


OKRs need to be transparent, concise, and clear. OKRs aren’t the place to get fancy. Every OKR you write should be easily understood by your team. The objective needs to be specific, and the key results should indicate your progress. Your objectives should be so clear that they do not need any explanation.

Regular Review

Periodic and consistent review of your OKRs is important as the saying goes ‘out of mind is out of sight’. Setting OKRs isn’t the only critical part, but how you use them is most crucial. Regular review of OKRs ensures that they stay as a priority and your team would get guidance while they are progressing.

OKR Software that helps you execute super-fast as you scale

OKR software turns your strategies into remarkable results with its many features. Automation has made things prompt and much quicker. Easier to set and get alignment. One can cross-align goals & initiatives automatically in real-time with OKR software. OKR management tools have made it easy to track and review the strategic priorities and get the results more precisely.

  • Create and establish objectives without the need to send different emails to each employee or group of employees.
  • Empower teams with work planning features to achieve the objectives.
  • Regularly get insights and track progress.
  • Mentor team members with regular check-ins on the workplans
  • Create specific, simple, concrete, timebound and action-oriented objectives
  • Track key metrics continuously anytime, anywhere

Know how Winzard OKR Management Tool helps your organization?

OKR Software is one of the most powerful goal-setting platforms companies, teams, and individuals can use to define objectives and measure progress. But why is Winzard’s OKR Management Software effective and suited to your organization?

Simple & Specific

Winzard OKR software is simple and easy to employ. You can easily set your/ team’s objectives and easily track the progress. Set Bulk, individual and team goals with ease and very quickly.

Framework to Align Teamwork

Winzard OKR framework and alignment model works towards an interactive progressive, and result-driven team.

Analyzing Progress to Boost Results

Winzard OKR Management tools help you precisely interpret the real-time progress - Get understanding and analyze whether an objective is on track, behind or at risk. Get real time insights on workplans and subgoals.

Timely Guidance

Winzard Goal Achieverhas features like supervisor intervention, chat check-ins and periodic reviews which empower the employee to seek mentorship and help.

Maximize Focus

Winzard OKR software helps maximize the focus with the precise framework one needs. It aligns individual’s and team’s objectives with company objectives.

No Complexity

Our OKR software helps you achieve more via simple and effective OKR tools because adoption of an OKR software with complex features by many employees is difficult to achieve.

Execute your strategy with the most preferred OKR Management Software - Winzard, and get exceptional results faster with a single place to set, align, track and review your strategic priorities as well as cross-aligned goals automatically in real-time.

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