Our unique continuous assessment is linked with the Goal Achiever module. This link enables the organisation and it’s supervisors with a holistic view and not get influenced by the recency effect. While the supervisors get individual performance insights through the year so that they could be proactive in managing teams, it is necessary for an organisation to do a formal performance assessment at a half yearly or yearly frequency.

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The easy to use platform facilitates assessment by the individual and supervisor, and flows seamlessly through the management hierarchy for approval. This flow could be customised by the Organisation itself. The rating scale is also at the discretion of the Organisation. To avoid lengthy appraisal processes and avoid unnecessary form filling, the inputs of Goals, subgoals, workplans etc automatically feature in the appraisal form from the Goal Achiever module. The solution includes holistic assessment of individual competencies and performance against goals. The steps include a crisp and sharp assessment by Self, Supervisor, Leadership and HR/HOC. Winzard caters to capturing the feedback from alternate managers, peers etc. in a tab called “Feedback” as part of the People Assessment module. The Leadership has the option to view and approve multiple appraisals with 4 clicks.

The Assessment platform provides great insights on rating composition by various cuts for the Leadership to view and understand the distribution to plan for payroll decisions.

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